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    Default Beware of this knwon alarm fault

    Beware of this known alarm fault.....

    it seems quite a few 453's have had a common alarm fault, and require to be sorted under warranty. i had this problem on my 453.

    There is a switch under the bonnet (hood) that sends out an alarm if the bonnet is tampered with, and some switches are faulty and can cause spurious alarms when parked.

    Smart will replace this under bonnet alarm switch with a new make of switch, and this easily sorts out the fault.

    So if you are getting the alarm going off, it could be this under bonnet switch, and then you must take the car to your dealer for a replacement switch. Cheers Col. seems another solution is just to add (glue) a plastic packer on the underside of bonnet (hood) between switch plunger and bonnet and this makes contact far better, so you get no alarms.
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    Default Beware of this knwon alarm fault

    Your idea simply excellent

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